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Daring the examination the absence of tenderness was
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toes and soles, are commonh' affected, and these regions are some-
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for the removal of toxic goiter are acute hyperthyroidism, hemorrhage,
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pears to have been almost complete by the end of the first
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tests, nor did they mention whether the laboratories had com-
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The best results are obtained when the mixing in the pipette bulb is done im-
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Dr. Piatt, on behalf of the " Waterbury Medical Association,"
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Spinal Cord. By Henry G. Cornwell, M.D., of Los Angeles, California;
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formed (and it is known that considerable changes occur-in the
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later. Enough has been said to make it clear that the balance of phos-
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but by the general practitioner. It is the family physi-
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which have been considered in the preceding sections in this : They do not,
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American Medical Association, it was with a sickening sense of its short-com-
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stituted, fr. mb under -|- toga' re to ask.] A rem-
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Pedoralis major. — This muscle seems to have undergone
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ceased to produce this effect, while, on the other hand, con-
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easy one ; and yet, in order to succeed, it was only necessary to go back to the cause
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It is worthy of remark that in the two fatal cases there
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the contrary, a large place in general and interna-
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mation. It is often diffuse, and may end in gangrene of the cellular tissue
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A copper wire was placed around the tumor so as to clear the os, and also a
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of exquisite suffering. This view is accepted by van Rensselaer.
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heart, who was cured of the hydrothorax by the acetate of pot-
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several months as a resident in the Clinic and to see for himself
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in size. About the same time another ulcer appeared on the
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operation. It has the incidental advantage of preventing bleeding should the