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Case III, may be regarded as still in a potentially diabetic state.

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The difficulty of determining from winch parti alar acl of cohabitation conception

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prospect of it at present. All notions of a strictly scientific

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that the younger children have become addicted to the practice of intoxicatiou

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hoarseness ? voice weak ? loss of singing or voice ? cancer of the tongue or tonsils

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Price, 50 cents per bottle; $4 50 per dozen. From 1 to 50 gross, $3 25 per

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Where we are deaHng with nephrotomy, the problem is quite

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operation the temperature had reached 100.6° F. and the pulse

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Strifes arise, discord and hatred come, and these are followed by consumption, by

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Jbdomen. — ^The os uteri and vagina were bathed with pus, and

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M.A., Secretary to the ScottUb Meteorological Society . . . 164

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jumping, but on looking at it he found that no actual movement

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Antiarsenin (an-te-ahr'sen-in). A non-arsenical substance devel-

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not the same patient go to the doctor for the vague pains in the

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tine is strongly insisted upon as an indispensable measure for the exclusion of the

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eliminated with a certain degree of facility, we must not con-

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commenced in the latter part of 1847, and continued for a great portion of 1848,

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aged, and a lawful, healthy intercourse of the sexes allowed, which nature, reason,

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the rebuke God gave to man therefor, see Gen. iii. IT, 18.

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their prevention, and for the removal of the cause when they make their attacks.

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mouth. The saliva of the mouth is the only natural substance for mixing the food

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forced upon me has been, that a thousand of these women yield scarcely six births

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upon the translator of this portion ; as, for instance, for the

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signs antedate positive findings by either the phenolsulpho-

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The prices of my Circulating Medicines may be found attached to the notices of

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liminary suprapubic cystotomy for drainage but also permit of

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agency of nutritive attraction upon the waste through functional

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being kept in celibacy by persuasion or force, the young man or woman is induced

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it ; although the experience of Prof. Bonders seems to show the

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receive the punishment of disgrace. If it could be known that no man or woman

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changes have been recorded as occorring (very rarely) in diabetes.

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and occasioned no irritation ; there was no pain, and only a slight

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On July 6th, the transport '' Orontes,'' with the second battalion of

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sequent relaxation would correspond with the period of coma.

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an analysis, furnished by Dr. J. J. Phillips, of the post-mortems

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