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for this may be absent (variola sine exanthema) or atypical (purpura
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Pemerara Indians, and subsequently identified by myself as
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paired for six years. (Case iii). We will not stay to
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ing more than normal strength. They are, however, sometimes weak.
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avulsion, tracheotomy, or extirpation of the larynx. The use
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myocardial infarction, arrhythmias, heart block, stroke. Psychiatric: Euphoria, apprehension,
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Neurotic Pyrexia with Special Reference to ( >pium
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*' 7. In animals provided only with smooth muscular fibres the
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thus received confirmation when we considered their physio-
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sedatives to the general nutrition, but that the minute
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v^""^ Cx But the operation for varicocele is not altogether free
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ments become slower, and there is difficulty in protruding the tongue to
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Treatment. Part II. — Statement as to Military Or-
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four epileptic seizures, and there were slighter attacks during
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as we now turn him out, would be a living voice for health,
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ing from above the umbilicus down to within an inch of the perineum. I found
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expediency should forbid revelation. Public and professional
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shall not be reckoned as dating earlier than fifteen
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in getting something in five minutes, which it may take weeks
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Davis, Thomas W., Winston-Salem (Hon.); S. C. Med. Coll.,
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kandl, that the submucosa plays a most important role
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on its surface. Similarly, it is recommended that the smears on slides be placed
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characterized by chronicity, post-meridian occurrence, a daily maximum
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from the tongue can sometimes be traced in this fra3num,
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through the skin only, is made with a curved bistoury. The cannula
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Maahroom-poisoning. — ^Though not so common as formerly, poisoninfr
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Vaft Horn's chromicized catgut. So far as we have been
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had been authorized to make a post-mortem examination of the body of de-
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an immensely enlarged heart. The condition of dilated
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In a case the history of which Mr. Freyer relates, the operation was a
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