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Knox Gelatine and Instant Dry Milk for Added Supplemental Protein
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probable fact, as my patient was plethoric, and as a means
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TRICIAN, INTERNIST, etc. Hospital under construction.
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to four days later in bed and sent to the hospital.
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John J. Masterson, .M.D Brooklyn James R. Reuling. .M.D Bayside
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'Premarin”® (conjugated estrogens, equine) is a notably effective
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1,000 live births is 20, there are several institu-
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Medical Society of the State of New York have the biographic data for approximately 30,000
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II. Epinephrine is combined with a local anesthetic,
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Menard Irving Newcomer, Petersburg. . . . R. F. Valentine, Tallula.
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district branches with reference to workmen’s com-
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which had been transmitted from person to person from the
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Moultrie W. K. Hoover, Lovington W. B. Kilton, Sullivan.
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That venesection and tartar emetic are less used now in
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ity in the lower end of the intestinal canal, in tenesmus, &c. The mu-
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reports. In communications upon the treatment of disease, let
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have indeed had Several Thoughts upon Tar-water. . . .”
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make such other additions afi are thought desirable.
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(3 Gm.) 12 and 25 dose bottles. SOLUBLE TABLETS: 50 mg.
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over the office of Dr. Richard A. Loomis in Ellicott-
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while it undoubtedly has its good points, — fancy
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cal disease may have induced his melancholy, for physical
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cine has become useful in so many specialties and gen-
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ty-four months ; one-third have evidenced a reduction in
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Expenses of Blood Banks Association of New York State, Inc 27,658.64
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1,666 (1,250); Uruguay, 1,666; Portugal, 2,333; Swe-