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before the eyes. In other cases, they suddenly perish from apoplexy.

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to explain. Tinnitus aurium and even partial deafness have also been noted by

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is scarcely ever seen; so that, in doubtful cases, the termination

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cannot be satisfactorily answered. However, there is no doubt that

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ascribed to the fever, and patients sometimes die with the diagnosis of a

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of them, too, are practitioners of some years' standing, with families, who

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amount of precipitin and precipitable substances for the optimum reac-

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"Arb. a. d. k. asndhtsamte (1907), 27, Hefte II. 364.

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* Duouet. Sur un cas d'actinomycose bucco-faciale gu6ri. Bull. Acad, mid.,

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comes incapable of overcoming the resistance opposed by its contents,

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heard with more or less distinctness over the entire chest, pre-

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of the smaller bronchi. Hence, great rapidity of breathing without

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sumption — a stage in which auscultation and percussion

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as its symptoms are easier of comprehension, and as its consequences

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tion of these symptoms, but in most cases they seem to depend on the

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of $1,000, two gold medals and three silver medals will be awarded. The

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they enter the stomach. But, in gastric catarrh, the mucus secreted

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A peculiar atmosphere seems to favor the prevalence of

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which was brought to my clinic at St. Paul's Hospital on the afternoon

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till I have learned the facts on which he bases it The description

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ing is caused or hastened by giving large doses of quinine. It is cer-

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therapeutic theories and practices art* still followed by a portion of the

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is a coincident nitty degeneration, the knife-blade is covered with nit

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When dilatation of a part of the heart is complicated by valvular

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through the summer months; while others said the white variety was

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Compt. rend. Acad, set., (1888), 106, 1622-1623.— • Traite" pratique de bacte-

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of fresh water, constantly covered witli a green slime. Tlie

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symptoms just mentioned, and the physical observation that the liver

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adjoining ribs, then, instead of the impulse of the apex, a feeble cir-