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serving to distinguish the new organism from the group

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as just described, when the tincture, by its irritating

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the way of introductory illustration. To push these forward

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live under such a state of pressure without an operation, relief of some kind, or

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and no persuasion and no explanation is of any use, till the

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have been well educated for the practice of our profession,

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inspected. The eruption is not evenly distributed over its surfaces.

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tions, often visible through the abdominal walls which

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lobes should not be equally attacked ; yet these parts exhibit lesions to a

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deviation from normal arrangement in the alveolar arch or expanse

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tions. The tongue becomes quite sore with vesicle formation along

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C. M , aged 24, consulted me, January 11, 1866, for

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not correct, however, to regard acute nephritis as an afebrile disease, for,

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inferior meatus is reached. The inferior and middle

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Surgical Instruments, Hospital Supplies and Manufacturing Chemists

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and then to insert a cannula of alder-wood into the wounded

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plicating acute infection, (5) in an attack of angina pectoris,

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tendons of the arm, forearm and hand, of the fasciaj

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subjects in the public school buildings or other suitable places

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Control of the Nervous System. — In my cases bromide and

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laries of the lungs may lose their sthenic power from the very onset, and thua

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