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and Wheat, consisting of Dextrin, Maltose, Albuminates, and Salts.
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For sale by all Booksellers, or will be sent by the Publishers, free of expense,
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and was ever ready to co-operate in any well-devised -plan for the
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the course of Practice of Medicine, by J. K. Mitchell, M. D., Pro-
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delicate women and old persons enfeebled by age and infirmities.
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quently under puberty. Males are more susceptible than females. It is
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tions or plugs of mucus leads to collapse, instead of dilatation, of the cells
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struction in Medicine, Gynaecology, Surgery and Obstetrics
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not render the latter disease more rapidly progressive ; on the contrary,
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the tenesmus, not infrequently follow the operation of the saline purga-
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diseases ol the nervous system. For particulars address
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jorit}' of cases, success will attend our efforts, and we shall have the
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when the use of a ten per cent, gallacetophenone oint-
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ij„ Pfl" ^^TJ^. EAGLETON, Resident Physician in the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
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it involve exposure ; and if the affection be renewed, or there be other
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As a whole, the work is one which cannot fail to be of great service to the practicing
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the presence of morbid products which leads to their remoTal b}' eiforts of
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jess important, as a S3miptom, than the characteristic diarrho?a. In some
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which are applicable to all patients. Meats, milk, farinaceous articles,
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confinement within doors were sanctioned by teachers and writers, and
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Grant's house, I directed him, as I had frequently done before, to
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noma, adenoma, cystoma, epithelioma, enchondroma, myoma, osteoma,
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been necessar3\ As much conciseness as is consistent with clear-
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tuberculosis is not, primarily and essentiallv, an affection of the lungs.
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pulmonary vessels, that is, passive congestion incident to mitral obslruc-
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important. Not the least conspicuous of the modern improvements in
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tation negroes of the Southern States. It was described by John Hunter
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exterior to the body, i. e., extrinsic, may gain access to the blood, and give
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got thoroughly wet, and remained about two hours before she
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ing engagements rendered immediate attention to the duty impos-
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products which are heterologous or heteromorphous in the sense of these
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having reference to the principles advanced in this paper, and
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time, but, on the contrary, the turbid waters occupy the same
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of the chest ; yet considerable dulness remains, and will probably continue
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more harm, by adding to the pain and constitutional disturbance, than
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opened on it ; and on making a vertical section of the mucous
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villij and cells exist in the interstices, and at their bases.
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He apprehended that there was, in general, an advantage in
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Mr. Morton belonging to the English Church. He died on the