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are at their highest and lowest temperatures during those
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ative procedure. As soon as the mass can be definitely
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effect. The effort to find an antitoxic or detoxicating
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But why an impostor, if she " had evidence of -con-
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Ascoli ' publishes the results of 33 cases in which the
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local vascular tone. (2) Directly, local irritation of the ganglia in the
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certain cutaneous affections, and endeavors to withhold
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few cases, chiefly in those in which the pain is very
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Upon the first appearance of a contraction, I withdrew my hand, and
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early months of 1879. The characteristics of this visitation have been
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method of prevention. Under his direction sulphuric acid was
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ice to bow^els, morphia every four or six hours ; no food. Wound of
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with active antisepsis should be made wherever there
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and which medicine honors along with other citizens be-
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Niemeyer's Text-book of Practical Medicine, with particular reference
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One of the most interesting articles to the general reader will
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marked after from 8-10 hours' cultivation, and he emphasizes that the
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with the pathological explanations in treating of paraplegia. In cases of
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was reported to have reached four hundred and thirty,
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which it dissolves lithial deposits renders it a boon to those who suffer from lithemia.
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which a physician acquires from his patient for the purpose uf
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active treatment of the condition. Here the work of Flexner stands
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who severely criticize these ideas should remember that the upholders
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each kind causing a peculiar primary ulcer, and a peculiar train
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a small tube nozzle of proper curve, makes the best irri-
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The remedies used for the purpose of producing "rest"
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h. That each state society co-operate with the Ameki-
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Subconjunctival injections gained considerable prominence a few
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six hours returns to the natural condition. Peculiar
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comparatively small number of imbecile children who are
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member of the Academy, to Jackson. Report, p. 56.) M. de Beaumont concludes
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on August 25, 1894. Family and personal history nega-
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antine ; Adulterations and Dangers of Milk ; The Menace