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according to the needs of the various parts of the body.
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constipation recurs, give injections of warm water and soap, and
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effects similar to the combined action ot belladonna and
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attacks, see the clinical histories and the charts appended in a pre-
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if at all increased. The explanation of this lies in the concentration of
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wounds. The principles of treatment which have been
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support of the two affections being due to tlie same poison, quotes the observa-
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severe cases occurred that the nature of the disease was mani-
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markably good effect. A single drop was usually sufficient. A
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pestilent exhalations. Is there a man amongst us, whose intellect and
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In cases where we are unable to satisfy ourselves as to the
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this operation, and mentions the fact (and instances) of four operations of this
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bitus is the rule in tuberculous meningitis, dorsal decubitus in typhoid ;
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Dietetic Treatment. — In applying a dietetic method of treatment to cases
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Withdrawal symptoms rarely reported, abrupt discontinuation
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From the posterior columns, and restiform bodies of the medulla oblongata, the deposit
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board, the bearings should be so adjusted as to secure this adaptation.
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of microscopical specimens prepared by Dr. A. Alt, of
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panacea for superficial pain. I look with hope to the prospect of wide use in
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Codiotomy is therefore the only method worthy of consideration,