Strange Fruit Cards

March 28, 2011  

I am very excited to introduce Strange Fruit Cards onto the pages of Boho Bride! I first heard from the company’s creator Denise last week and thought they were so fab, I bumped one of this week’s features to ensure you all got a peek at some very lovely cards…just in time for Mother’s day!

The back-story of what led Denise and husband Cory to set up their business is very inspiring – so here goes…

“We got married in NYC (Grand Central Station, where we first met) as you’ll see and we then had a party in London.  In America we got cards with black people on, in London we didn’t and that was really the start of Strange Fruit.”

Denise continues…

“Our Mothers Day card features a hand-tinted picture dating back to 1942, I have no idea who she is but we love her.  The first print run of 50 cards sold out in a week so we guess others love her to.  All of our cards are diverse but we aim for everyone to like them, so far so good.”

I love them, so stylish and quirky…and the quotes are brilliant! All cards are all 5 x 7 in and come in a clear wrapper. You can buy them online for just £2.45 inc p+p in the UK. Sublime Shops in London also stock them to.

Denise and Cory, many thanks for sharing and letting me show of your gorgeous wedding pictures…what a stunning couple…and that dress! An ebay bargain I am told!!!

Make sure you have a gander at the wonderful Strange Fruit Cards! x

Wedding images: Laura Boyd Studio


One Response to “Strange Fruit Cards”
  1. Candice @ Cerendipity says:

    Aren’t these cards just fab?! Met Denise a few weeks ago … she’s totally fab too ;0) ~ Cxx

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