Getting Started – The Guest List

October 3, 2010  

Whether it’s a big and bold celebration or an intimate and small affair, your wedding guest list and numbers are going to be one of the first things you look at…and there’s two ways of doing it that I’d recommend…

Set your ideal number and choose venue accordingly, or find your ideal venue and let that dictate your numbers!

Either way, the guest list is a collaborative task and there needs to be good communication amongst you and your other half.

Firstly, I’d say if your folks are contributing to costs, they might have set their heart on inviting certain people, so it’s always worth asking (and perhaps negotiating!) ahead of creating you own lists…

Now I could go into the formal ‘nitty gritty’ of how traditionally, the Brides family would pay and therefore invite more guests blah blah, but I just don’t agree with all that hullaballoo…

For our guest list, we initially created three lists and it worked really well.

The “Defo List” included our parents, siblings and ourselves of course…I say ‘of course’ but we actually missed ourselves off the list initially!!!

“His list”, the Grooms list included everyone he’d like to invite if budget and numbers weren’t a factor.

“Her List”, same as the Groom list above.

We then sat down together and set about creating the “Ultimate List” based on the kind of wedding we hope to achieve…small and informal.

It wasn’t too painful, though we both had to compromise…in fact, we were ruthless in some cases! There is a teeny tiny reserve list too, which I’d recommend doing…just make sure the ‘reserves’┬ádon’t out who they are!

Just remember, it’s ultimately your day, your way…team ‘Mr and Mrs’!

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