Wedding Photographers

Those who have recently embarked on wedding planning might feel like they’ve stepped into a bit of a mine-field, with so much choice out there and a fantastic range of UK suppliers it can be hard to channel your wedding plans into something cohesive and within budget.

When searching for wedding photographers, I’d say the first things you should really consider are budget and location, there’s no point in falling for the talents of someone who’s rates are sure to land you in a financial pickle – nor should you have your heart set on a photographer who lives hundreds of miles away only to find you need to cover that distance in mileage and perhaps even foot the bill for a hotel stop-over.

Once you’ve found a few wedding photographers within budget and located within reasonable distance from your wedding celebration you can then turn your mind to the kind of photography you’d like…and this is where it can get really confusing!

Most wedding photographers have a very distinct style, from formal to reportage (where they capture moments rather than staged shots) to highly edited and design led looks like colour spotting and vintage filters. What matters most is that you choose a photographer whose style not only reflects yours as a couple but your wedding day itself; if you’re having an ultra-modern wedding celebration it might be strange to look back on images with a vintage tinge and reserved couples might not feel comfortable being subjected to ‘whacky’ shots involving fake moustaches and signs.

All in all, your wedding day should be something that really represents your relationship, so be sure to surround yourself with people you live and suppliers you trust – don’t settle for anything less…and if you follow the simple steps above, you’re sure to have an amazing collection of keepsake images to look back on.