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Madeline Isaac-James Starlet Collection

Today marks what I regard as the official beginning of Winter, a season I immediately associate with elegance. So it seems quite apt, that I show you some stunning dresses that will have you dreaming of a wedding day swathed in glitz and glamour.

The highly anticipated Madeline Isaac-James 2011 collection has been released in two parts; the Candlelit Collection, which features floaty, romantic dresses and the Starlet Collection, which encapsulates the razzle and dazzle of the 20’s and 30’s…

L-R Charlize, Clara, Claudia, Robyn.

As a Deco fiend, it’s the Starlet gowns that have really turned my head! So deliciously Deco, they’re the kind of dresses that look poured on – exaggerating every curve of your feminine whiles…

Imagine yourself adorned with diamonds, cold gin in hand, sporting a deep rouge pout…divine!

Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to create a Deco inspired wedding, using one of the Madeline Issac-James gowns featured.

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