An easily-assimilable diet must be selected ; in nocturnal
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CA8m746: P. H., age 38. Native of New Orleans. Entered C. H., Nov. 23d, 1872. Hai
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back for the excess.” Some Canadian provinces are not
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teaching weeks. The session is divided into three terms.
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A Positive Fact. — The profession generally has come to recognize
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The recent death of a woman without medical attendance,
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further in recommending its study to your careful attention.
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piest effect from trypsin, and I believe that it saved her life.
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puerperal cases, a more lasting blindness develops, which suggests that per-
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circumstances in the affected districts and of making the needful search
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either by self-limitation of the disease or by hygienic measures, but, prac-
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when one day he became befuddled in the air upon getting into a
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were 11 first-stage patients, and in these both tests
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never be given to a fevered patient, nor much medicine to one in a
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pox and miscarried ; they were all delivered of living children,
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of peritonitis has also been found in a few instances to have originated
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significantly elevated SIRs (all based on seven or fewer
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ter leach. From erysipelas New York 4, Wasliiiiglon 1, ('bicago,
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of it. I have seen cases in which the lids, were swollen
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the selection of the remedy, and new symptoms or conditions
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dry ; bowels still open, and the same character ; complains of
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ply. Availability of roads, landing strips, railroads, and
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in the street. The pulse was 100 per minute, and had considerable force;
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.Acute .Arthritis Experimentally Produced by Intravenous
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in the diagnosis of certain obscure surgical lesions of the
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free movement of intestinal contents is more or less responsible for
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mode, because the resistance to be overcome is greater.
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treatment table, records fr.om eye, ear, nose and throat
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An exceedingly characteristic trait belonging to Priestley was de-
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acute rheumatism receive no special treatment, and the patient is
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the child also limps slightly, bends the leg slightly, and
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may be distinguished : 1. Cases in which the 2 tumors arise
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