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the poison broke down the resistance. The same could be said of tul)erculosis.

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attack of diphtheria, and she is still unable to walk more

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With regard to the deformity of the chest, so impor-

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in certain individuals suffering from nervous debility,

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" Tlie knowlml^o of havin!; contrihutod a mite to the relief of snf-

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very large. Complete obstruction of bile duct. Elasticity of

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anesthetic, and the pulse absent, or at least impalpable at

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out. Further, ordinary experience shows that outbreaks in

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tient, but capable of exciting the most acute and in-

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ITS CURATIVE PROPERTIES are largely attributable to Stimulant, Tonic, and Nutritive

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this expenditure of trouble and money merely to accumulate

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beat was not perceptible, the cardiac sounds were muffled.

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septum, and the inferior turbinate. The accessory sinuses, however,

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demnity. The company refused t6 pay it on the result of the autopsy, for the

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ever, in a very short time. When the patient survived the

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should contra-indicate operation. If operation has to In-

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the muscle are split with a blunt instrument. The apophysis is ex-

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victim of this disease, by which he probably does not ^

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fetlock joints were highly inflamed, and contained much

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we think, wisely recommends that^ for the present, little stress

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moment the ingenious physiologist's, not less than the scientific

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seen, and think it very rare. Fibro-cartilaginous and indurated

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three years ago. The diagnosis was an abscess in con-

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Shapard (J. C.) A few remarks on the fevers of mid-

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cases. These cases generally end fatally, the mode of dying being by

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prescribed. In a few weeks the symptoms improve, and in a few months the patient

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system from without. The close association between chorea and

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uncommon not to obtain apparent cure in first stage

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part. Later it was repeatedly found in the faeces of adults, in sour

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child of Air. B who has scarlet fever rather than return

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was composed of fat, but there were also bands of connective