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worn (replacing it by a fresh one every day,) on the

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I appeal to the profession for their testimony on this matter — I ask

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estimating the birth, marriage and death rates of one year

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there are occasionally more. In one case there were fifteen papules. They ap-

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McMillan, J. M., Candor; Atlanta P.&S., 1909 1909 1911

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Case I. — Male, aged 53. He always had enjoyed good health, and

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anyway, when this result or combination reaches the blood, and then

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fingers are imbedded, occupies half of the dorsal sur-

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surfaces, and the thinnest possible slices may be removed by a

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it would seem that the date of Charaka, possibly the

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ment altogether, but kept on with her work. No albumin or

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— It is everted and abducted, and the pelvis is tilted down-

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tiiced London-bred man, one of those sprigs of insignificance and

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and the convoluted tubes present the same epithelial

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an inch down into the internal iliac. The upper part of the external iliac was filled with a

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Medical Association, and receive its merited recom-

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Fronimel. TJeberdie Bedeutungdergonorrhoischeu Sal-

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(femoral triangle of Simon) ; the surface of the axilla, the pectoral region,

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published fifteen years after this impressive ex|>erience at the fortress of

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becomes dilated, so as to be, at last, three or four times its

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altogether. In its stead we find a finely striated tissue,

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only indicate the presence of disease in one side of the cerebellum, but also

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age of 0.15. The anatomical changes in ovine tuberculosis

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This error increases instead of decreases as the amplitudes are more

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2. The term "s|)irilla" will be ii>c(! in this (■(inununicat ion. since it is the term

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.ind lied, .ind .1 dre-inj; .ipplied !.. the u,.und. r.irt ic ul.irs ,-h..uld he ii..lea

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with less attempt to follow up the thin diffuse margins,

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the nourishment of the infant are the fats Food and Drink.— Probably the best stim-