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anti-diuretic action, probably via stimulation of hypothalmic centers and

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cate intestinal toxemia. Failing vision is a thing that accompanies

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If may perhaps appear that the views, which have now been taken of

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originate or to conduct painful sensations is diminished or annulled by passing

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him about syphilis, and he gave me his word of honor that he had never had

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severed broad ligament, each fragment of which con-

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of the ocular muscles as possible complications or sequela;

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limpid, and, in contradistinction to diabetic urine, of low specific

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of the patient there will be no unpleasant features, and as in

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In the entire field of medicine there is probably no

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mate in scales, but presents large epidermic plates having a somewhat

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ankle-, and knee- joints are most commonly affected. The

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have raised its distribution to more than 5,000 copies.

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62"3 per cent were hopelessly incurable, being cases of chronic

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and seal with collodion in addition to dressings applied. The writer has

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posteriorly. In some cases they may be removed by knife-edged forceps

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After leaving Montreal, Dr. Chown came to Toronto and re-

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Serum broth cultures of each variety were incubated for 16 hours and seeded

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as widely divided now, as ever. With regard to bold and barefaced

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its fourth annual session in Richmond, Va., beginning

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fections and the effect of quinin, to which his attention may have

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forward to prove that rheumatic fever is due to a specific organism,

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four gallons, or glass jars a foot or more high ; into these the

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occurrence of gangrene in the i>art suj»plicd by the artery, for

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scrofulous diathesis, was admitted to the hospital, Nov. 80th, 1850. For

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left shoulder. The dislocation was reduced the next day, but

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ciate, including some whom they had paid as instructors. What sort

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Decoct. Sarsce compositum (L., E., D.), 3 to 6 ounces.