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Besides common sensory tracts, the posterior part of the
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is chiefly in the early stage of the disease that success is to be ex-
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Shoup. He came to my office about a month ago and sent
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he wandered wildly about, to and fro, and in a circle, still hugging and
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bis audience during the lecture, from the assemblage of useless details,
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I was told by his father that the young man had not
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notch or sulcus between are apparent to sight or touch" (Moynihan).
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2 Twentieth Century Practice of Medicine, Vol. xi7. (Tlie article contains a
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Although there is no real anatomical or pathological
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procedures is dependent upon, first, a hemoglobin percent-
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creosote and had a speedy recovery. Further, he says he
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aflfecting one eye only. And this paralysis will be crossed with any body
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1 Eirkes had prophesied, as quoted by Tackwell, *' that future experience will
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Geissler (op cit) found in two epidemics that of all the children
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Dr. John P. Houston. Edwardsville. aged 75. died in
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cartilage : at rest, 106.8 cm. (42 inches) ; forced inspiration,
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ment by mouth and anus was given so far as this could be done.
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clear up, and his mother brought him to the Out-door Department,
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Not at all! Would it not be equally foolish, or even more so,
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most important, before us— viz., the answer to Mr. Walpole's
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If a physician, in operating upon the slave of a freedman, makes
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lacking in physical or mental vigor. The element of sex is also
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(c) Mathematics include arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.
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personnel since officers serving with Armored units were carried
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of the inorganic compounds, the important vegetable
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photograpii. (Af- The iusect (Fig. 7) is too well known to require
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irritation set up. But, however, waiving that point, let us
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Dr* Bretooneau of Tours. It commonly supervenes on mo-
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and honored by men of the ablest minds and of the highest