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all signs of trouble have subsided. Then again a tenta-
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the preference over all methods of operating. It had not re-
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tions. The operation was certainly justified in that tlip patient
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elect delegates during the session for 1901-2, and provided
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in the House of Representatives and Senate Chamber. The
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distention. Constricting neoplasms are common in elderly
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festations induce a decrease of all the elements excepting
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syphilis and in 5 the parental history was suspicious, but in 2
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salivary calculi gain access to the mucosa probably from the
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the coracoid process. It had pushed up the inner fibers of the
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fered from hemorrhages and death occurred. At the aut<^y a
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ished in size, do not show real atrophy, and respond to
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diabetic gangrene, the prognosis was almost as unfavor-
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It was then moved that the report be adopted as a whole.
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cases. Atrophy of the testicle is a rare sequence and death
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hours after the last trace of blood has disappeared from the
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for endowment, and it is to be hoped that this movement
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not mean that the anesthetist should neglect being of fiid to
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habitual chronic state of insanity is shown to have existed, ex-
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tents were analyzed and the blood examined in a number of
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Consisting of the combination of a bicycle lantern, mirror
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structures in the abdomen. It early spreads outward
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ing to a positive elevation of the abdominal wall at that point.
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institution similar to the Pasteur Institute in Paris,
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and other facial muscles. The temperature being low,
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with hereditary disease, a case, the judge holds, is presented
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tuberculous processes was apparently that in the pericardiiun ;
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certain liabilities. There are numerous laws, both com-
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a fairly large needle or trocar should be employed.
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made during the operation for the gall bladder, but it could noit
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plague is communicated to man by means of fleas then