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By the aid of these modern inventions, we are far better able
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be interpolated through the mistaken zeal of some unknown
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Philadelphia. In 1882 he was made medical director of the Pennsyl-
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or in its circulating fluid to account for this murmur, it is evi-
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quency, for a year. His improvement has been gradual and continuous,
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Haab's magnet alone. If this wound has firmly healed,
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father. This was a case of a chronic osteomyelitis of the femur
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food they were getting, and pronounced it good. It appears
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selves do\vn under water in a large inverted kettle and
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rhythm" lacked the rliythmical alternation of periods of apnea
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six months with certain variations. She died December 23 from
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iodides are of the highest value. When failure of compensation ensues,
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(" bloodless " fold of Treves) is completely separate from the
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of Cholera ; or rather that many of the cases registered under the
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us a relevant and satisfactory explanation of the phenomena, there are
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labour ; it has recently been suggested that they are due to lesions of the
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The programme contains no intimation of a desire for
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quency of constitutional leus, its direct action apparently being to put
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means be kept in a non-infective condition or in a condition
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hundreds ; but for a few years past they have fallen off in geometrical progression, and now the
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96 Acre Lawn and Forest. Buildings Modern lud I irsl
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repugnance to let blood, and you see it employed in a
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pure cultures of the bacillus, and injections of the same, as well as of
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Fahr., the clot became of red colour, was quite sweet,
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any such tlieory, we have yet to wait a long time for
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disease to which I can find no reference in our English
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school. Since that date the Marquette University School of Medicine
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the right side of the neck resulted in a diminution of the respiratory rate to 28.
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bility is generally more pronounced by night and less by day, while
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699. — tJwyii (N. B.) On infection with a para-colon
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