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experience, I am now satisfied that I saw my first case of influ-

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tween the ages of fifteen and forty years. Men are attacked as often

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strike at the root of the evil and save future generations from the contamin -

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by toxins than has albumin, as suggested by Gottwald. 31

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and more immune than other bones, for the extension of the

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gave the same findings in both lungs, while autopsy

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perhaps inevitable insufficiency of the operation, but by no means from

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almost speechless. Owing to the proximity of the visual word centre,

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d. phys.-med. Soc. zu Erlang., 1883-4, 16. Hft., 67-75.

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Chicago has not had such an institution heretofore. The

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letters from Professor Layeock, embodying with characteristic

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volatile oil, which contains an acid. Valerianic Acid, and

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that the subsequent changes were more or less secondary to this

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The curative treatment of functional disorder must have reference to

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whole pedicle, care being taken to avoid the pancreas. The pedicle was then

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29. — Tlie Origin of the so-called Glassy Excrescences on the Choroid of

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ruptured, escape into the surrounding tissues and cause in them severe

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Clair Thomson, M. D. Lond., F. R. C. S. Eng., Member of

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In two cases I have had an opportunity of studying the method

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the crest of the ilium over to beyond the symphysis pul>is. The upper

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expulsion of the placenta, but neither after-pains nor hemorrhage occurred.

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whole instrument can be boiled without danger of rust-

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antisepsis in the treatment of this class of diseases. If in the treatment of these

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weakened by long illness, and the subject of albuminuria, the tube was not

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of the nerves, he must object. Arsenic and alcohol gave rise to

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while receiving the current through the brain. I recall

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( rookshank, in an appendix to his work on Bacteriology,

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the supervision of a Medical Rehabilitation Division

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that it illustrates a typical expression of this peculiar dis-