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tized vaccine, since the serum certainly has extract may bring about a reverse action
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sufficiently I withdraw the serum in a glass bulb, which is after-
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completely interrupted ; the blood coagulates, clogs the vessels, and
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stepped down from the Dean's post, Dr. Kellow said that he took pride
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tected valleys of the west side of the Andes, at elevations of from
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into consideration the fact already alluded to that the
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f This disorder, which is supposed often to cause consumption, is rather
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maining two per cent, may be cured by aspiration or in-
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cal examination, made after the disappearance of the membrane
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in bed after a night's rest when the kidney has returned to its normal
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proudest mother in Christendom was a Parisian lady,
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ington, D. C. — Physicians and others who desire to
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(3) Secondary lesions: Perithecal and intrathecal hemorr-
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From these considerations, it will be perceived that, in order to justify aj
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not invariably increase the chances of cure, it seems in
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used for the determination of certain features. Five hundred cells
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ipeatij, the symptoms of jaundice during pneumonia depend upon a
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the animals became slightly intoxicated, and three were perfectly
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cessfully extirpated the kidney of a female patient, for an incurable urinary
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Two of my other operative fatalities had occurred prior
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from diphtheroid bacilli which closely resemble it in being Neisser-
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Proper manipulation of the apparatus is most important in Rr)ntgen-
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ginning September 4th. It has a Medical Section which
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in a part, has been taken advantage of in the treatment of
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cases in which he had operated on the gall bladder,
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numbered fifty-two ; after galloping five minutes sixty-five.
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facts—namely, the milky aspect of the discharge from the nodosities, the devel-
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space than is at our disposal. Besides being connected
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order a system which could reach, if necessary, every
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tions of impaired renal function. We frequently employ this test,
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of greater severity. In our case there were long intervals, at first entirely