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munication, 171 children out of 589 had influenza durins: the first epi-

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Hygiene is for those who are inclined to do right and

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conditions whether they exist in deep-seated organs or superficial

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use of the vaso-constrictors we increase arterial tension, and as a result

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The diaphragm was pushed very high up, its apex being on a level

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desiccated and preserved vegetables, the patient recovers rapidly so that in one or

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wall, a procedure which also permits of the subsequent introduction of the

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ance. The subsequent events show how useless this would

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tions from now on will have to be made in much smaller

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would slough off up to the point of obstruction, and nature would

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Tubular breathing above riglit clavicle and some crepitant or

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been cultivated. It appears to us that a very promising field

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site. The fcetal heart is most distinctly heard midway between

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his earliest teacher in surgery, Prof. Baum. Billroth himself has often

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Beef Essence. — Place one pound of lean steak in a hot frying pan

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cilli (enveloped in a capsule) are found in this protoplasm. It is proba^

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On account of her dense ignorance it was difficult to tell

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taken to the Albany Hospital and a Rontgen ray picture taken.

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festations extend to every organ and function of the

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a little underweight according to these charts but not according

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nd much more frequently there is some infiltration leading to the forma-

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which we have observed is, directing the aromatic waters to be

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The following are a few of the rarer varieties noticed in the

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of the purulent matter, and in determining by the passage of the aspi-

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increased tunctioiiul and nutritive activity, and tliat liyperaBmia and fluid ex-

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characterized by certain pathological variations from the pandemic,

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Dr. Luther C. Peter exhibited an astigmatic chart which he

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the same effect as a full dose would have on a person in full health. But

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sure everything that the ordinary method of treatment

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tinction is convenient, but not, strictly speaking, scientiflc.

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treatments in conjunction with the salvarsan. After the last treatment the

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Physical Diagnosis, Laryngology, Ophthalmology, Medical Chemistry, Pharmacy, Materia

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Peelen, Matthew, a, w, Sioux Center, Iowa. A.B. (Hope C.) '27.

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This report is based on the study of 46 individuals ranging in

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in the cut surface, and sometimes whitish lymphoid masses