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occasionally, at considerable but irregular intervals, ever since. His general health

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sporules three or four times larger than those of ordinary favus, with in-

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but, provided that the effect of such treatment is not immediatel;

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exact knowledge with reference to the course of this

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but at present I do not recall one in which only those

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present Vice-President of American Medical Association ;

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Dr. William Allan, Charlotte: This work of Dr. Cocke's and

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Canada in the latter part of December, after having spent about

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calculated to facilitate the speedy termination of the inflam-

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to inject half-a-dram of a solution of one drop of pure Nicotine in

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expenses of their detention. The scheme is practicable, and

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Cottard. As this writer observes, the functional substitution is no doubt

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The carcinomatous kidney is of course liable to all those changes which

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appears, is still in use in the Pennsylvania hospital, for

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the first essentials. Secondly, it must be borne in mind that the

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1918) to the pulmonary septa under normal tension acting as a load

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ized lesions due to the presence of these organisms in the foetus have

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■ and colic increased. Passages from the bowels were frequent for twa

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subacute course, and the muscular lesions are very slowly repaired. Re-

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and six months old. Sir E. Wilmot ascertained by inquiry that menstruation

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may be made. Faithful attention to the removal and disinfection of the secre-

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of the continuous suture — at all events in the ciurtailment

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The attendants are protected by bag-like masks or successive layers of gauze and

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ers the operation expeditious and successful. This part

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properties, is incapable of alleviating cough or acting upon night sweats,

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J<- C/iusrvae s7l SC far l~.ii.~ cC }?Z&?2t/eS/j CL-Jtti- <Zl tZvf-unflC

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therefore, necessarily, a pathological condition, circum-

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cttairhal pneumonia should generally give rise to caseous infiltration,

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the breast may be the seat of inflammation, abscess,

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is almost always accompanied by evidence of change of structure in

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diphtheria, the period of positive chemotaxis, with high

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rendered more acute if the hypnosis is not profound.^ Halluci-