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that the appearance of the peculiar porrigo capsule was invariably pre-
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tri. Right knee considerably swollen, the circumference being twelve
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danger lies in the direction of asthenia to meet, as far as practicable, by
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days, e. g. the humorists, the chemists, the vital-
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procurable in an emergency. The plan he recommends is easily
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Tuesday, August 19th : Lehigh Valley Medical Association
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stamping out such an extensive outbreak of this disease. The
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direction of any scratches, wounds, etc. Determine whether a bruise
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observations or new discovery in midwifery, but to the mode in
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a man shirking his duty during the yellow-fever epidemic,
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I to worse, so the fact that the treatment is long and
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sidence of the fever in one day, and complete recovery in a few
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not themselves become affected. The more patients are crowded to-
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Uses of Digitalis. — By reason of its power to improve the circu-
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have prescribed the mixture with success in at least half a
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ments from becoming still more unsteady. If he is or-
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various averages, as well as those for the body and the lower birth of
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from the bloodvessels takes place ; in healthy persons, the matter
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it is chiefly or solely caused by serous exudation. Although we ha?e
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as the laryngoscope, microscope, X-ray apparatus, and pneumo-
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poison may be an alkaloid (like morphia), and not liable to putrefaction.
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cases. These cases generally end fatally, the mode of dying being by
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will call to mind those collections of matter which form in the
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How easy and with what grace and eloquence a man can dis-
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the skin and lancinating pains through the joints succeeded.
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composition. The walls of the cavity are constantly being destroyed,
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was found attached to one of the posterior roots of the chorda equina.
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devised, which should be impervious to fluids, and yet so thin
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or very frequent alliance with other forms of disease bej'ond
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leg and the wound was grafted. The wound of the right leg
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usual, although she felt herself growing gradually weaker. When I saw
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habit an explanation of this otherwise singular dis-
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Staff, H. E. Noble will build a hospital for the accommodation
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earth ; as has been exemplified in the great pestilence of the 14th cen-
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insurance. This included but was not limited to com-
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already so favorably known to the profession by his numerous pub-