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to restore the uterus to its normal position. The flex-

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for instance, unsanitary dwellings, faulty nutrition — the

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only the latter class in regard to the therapeutic ett'ect of

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points, as the slightest change of the callipers gives a dimi-

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tom of disease he could recollect and this was not preceded by any

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gendie, who denies entirely lymphatic absorption, regards it in

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version or intensification constitute the very basis of mania and melan-

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ally quite sufficient time for union to take place.

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accordance with scientific facts or sound jurisprudence, yet its contagion

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evening I have been using the language of the grossest material-

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fracture, i. e., one with bending of the spine accom-

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occasional convulsive movements. In no instance yet recorded has this oil

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165, August 1, from these headquarters, vice Major Valert

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independently of uraemia, or at least while urine free from albumen is being

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the finger. The sample thus obtained should then be

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Mode of dissolving Salicylic Acid. — Dr. 11. l>ose, assistant

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author's name and the figure number of the illustrations.

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Momorj- poor, unable to work, but can get about ; gait a little stiff; vision fairly good; no

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the Manual was rewritten for the purpose of making it a better

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sometimes to cause the disease, but this is not an established fact The

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juice, or carbonate of soda. There was little difference between the

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call for a new edition every two or three years. The

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tions, as well as the occurrence of microcytes, suggest that abnormal

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was absolutely no means of determining whether ulcers had healed

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peared, a number of additions have been made to our knowl-

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material were measured ; it swelled up and gradually dissolved in salt solution,

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grade, 106° to 110° F., with few and slight remissions, scarcely subsides,

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rated in the production of cirrhosis of the liver, and substituted

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practical significance of the considerations put forward above.

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our knowledge as to how hr lack of power in one can be compensated

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nurses and in the preparations for an operation. Instruments

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At a later period inflammation and pain may also render excision necessary;