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4. Kurtin PJ, Pinkus GS. Leukocyte common antigen-a
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gradually extended over the whole viscus, associated
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after an interval, the animal succumbed in a few minutes. The im-
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certain things are in fashion for a certain time. Bleeding and
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550 pages, and is divided into 7 parts (JVaw'), 30 dis-
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ken leg or arm, or a severe wound on the trunk. Again, a
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demand that the number attending our training school be limited,
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attention to a matter which is well worthy of the con-
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5 ; typhoid fever, 1 ; gastritis, 2 ; "disease of the heart, 6 ; hernia, 1 ; hicmorrhage, 1 ;
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for want of neatness; and, what must assuredly be of rather a
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tSample sizes range from 208 to 214 for family physician patients and from 239 to
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and endowed by the conqueror Cortez. The government
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aureus infection resulting in abscesses in different
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title of House Committee." The whole subject of planning and erecting
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defense. The power to assimilate and use foreign proteins is not
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no longer a term, nor a fiction of the imagination, but
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in the burghs of Maryhill, Hitlhead, and Partick (with a
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Is this the effect of repeated friction from the woollen dress ?
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would find 81 of them alive at age 55, 72 of them alive at age 60,
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almost healed. Case III. — A man, aged 54, who had not had any connection
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unsatisfactory and the most expensive method of soil fertilization
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lication. " Several of them," says the Jo%irna\ " have re-
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abruptly, may be tried by the tests given in the section on acute
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which was of undoubted epileptic character. He was then
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even the touch of the tongue is very unpleasant. The
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lating to our faith in any plan of treatment. We must
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Moynihan's reputation in this field is international, and this
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removed by amputation above the knee. The patient, a
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decoction of starch, but it requires a much longer period than that in
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it subsides, practically never leaves any deformity or limitation in func-
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the deprivation of aliment be complete, deatli takes place when one-fourth of
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tractions quite upwards until the occipital protuber-
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tion is the fluid extract, twenty minims being given