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patient's body in very hot water, and, at the same time, pouring a stream
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thing that the most adroit man in the profession, even, should have
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tive system must also affect indirectly the entire system and thus
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over the neck and face, presented a dusky, bluish, mot-
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quae ts flushed, and then she gradually becomes unconscious.
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phlyctense and blisters, principally in the loss of fluidity and
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• Araer. Journ. of Med. Sciences, Vol. II. p. 120.
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side and of the neck around the glands was noted. Provisional dia-
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Subarachnoidean Cocalnlzatlon. Reported by C. A. Fox.
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fessional interest are solicited. The Editors are not responsible for the views of contributors.
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of her most distinguished professors, in the medical department, within the
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spread of influenza. Thus, the weather records show
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the head, dizziness, peculiar sensations in the limbs, as
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tle albumen. The diarrhoea and vomiting being speed-
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interest, and can be done if the dreaded increase in the obstruction has
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these they learn that certain diseases can be cured by
clothing or any other textile fabric, by articles of food or
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tion of tuberculosis, scarlet fever, diphtheria, diarrhoeal and other
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equal virulence for animals were obtained from each lesion.
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nationale de M6decine de Lyon the case of a woman with uterine
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a mere machine — a living, sentient, self-acting one truly, but
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phenomena, but is not enough to obstruct respiration ;
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kept alive by artificial respiration. The sciatic nerve was di-
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" Tell me the name of the disease,^' was the motto of the nosologist,
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in the areas which are supplied by the spinal root which is affected by
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action than one taken from the center, where the growth is composed of old, semi-degen-
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State prisons of the State, such operation shall not be performed
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It would be invidious to compare the surgeons of that day
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cian is disposed to cast his bread upon the waters without any
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angle of that bone, severing in its course the median nerve, and so
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Happily, however, in this case — and we trust it may be always
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dered. I see no reason in the world why the general practitioner, when
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is eliminated. The same is true of the next evacaa^
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We trace M'ith interest the influence of exercise or the want of
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corium and in the lower portions of the epidermis, and a fine reticulum
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have been symptoms of insanity. Occasionally the act of murder is perpe-