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of ureine is its ability to take up large quantities of

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rigor whilst travelling in a train. At first, occurring every day,

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chorea. As far as the table may be trusted — and as regards the particulars

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atively, to a greater or less degree, upon all the factors of

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illustrate the manifold and severe lesions which the dis-

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3. Hysteria. This may be recognized by the history, sex,

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out maintaining the position indicated, the results are

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Steger, E. M., assistant surgeon, to proceed to New York, N. Y., and

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by Henschen of hemorrhage in the left pulvinar, hearing in the right

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here. The reason for this is that at times the activi-

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stiff from the onset of the affection that they have to be fed. But

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feel under the necessity to condone the want of care in

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Fig. 13 (Plate 13). — Feh. 11, 1916. This curve shows complete dissociation

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do our plans of treatment become more pre- ^ College of Pharmacy, Messrs. G. W. An-

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previous year, our percentage of coverage remained the same at 73%.

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a fondness and respect for that work foster healthy activity and en-

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after supi)er. Afterwards order two pills to be taken

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The sixth case occurred in a girl aged nineteen. There was a

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having proved useful, and as apt to be suggestive and helpful

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be fitly termed a remedy, " quin solo ternpestivo usu tale fiat." In

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monia, ether), and at the same time by putting the patient at rest with tk

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Alexandria Medical Society, Dr. Mills developed the

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The masses between the pillars of the fauces will be

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that he had been playing near his father's anvil, and was struck on

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The statement that, " Ithacally speaking," fissure is

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injection was strongest. He believes also that barracks the smell has perfectly disappeared,

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David's Island, N. Y., relieving Assistant Surgeon M. E.

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of the battery to the wires of the plug ; the finst as in

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cases of hard cancer of the stomach, the cancerous alveoli are few in number

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voir was immediately shut off and the supply pipes flushed

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J. d. conn. niOd. pnit.. Par., 1884, 3. s., vi, 321.— Bous-

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