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upon to use a mydriatic, a counterirritant ; or perhaps mas-

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the unibiHcus. There are serious questions, however, as to

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there is very frequently a little tremor to be detected,

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"get by" outside, but realizing that these folk must

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Wc ai-enot acquainted with the lithotomy knives said to be named after

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was referred to. Of more recent date is the sickness that took place at Mt.

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phenomena of trade winds and monsoons, belong rather to the field of physical

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a posterior edge can be distinguished, forming three surfaces : an ante-

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In a second case I have- seen herpes over- one scapula and a single

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distance from the University and the difficulty students

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account of some cases in which myocarditis occurred. In Leyden's cases,

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such a climax that there arose a general demand for

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many of the statements advanced. The publishers have

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of eighteen years. A short time after a second gonorrhceal infection,

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experiments during the present year, and to communicate the

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to interfere in any way with matters of jirivate judg-

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performed about five years ago. In a short time after this

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at all alarmed concerning the threats of C. B. Wilcox, member of

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base; the second of them is generally regarded as papular — in other

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ing Piles ; and in others there is no discharge, when they are call-

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CoHN, Alfred E., and Noguchi, Hideyo. Etiology of yellow

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dyspepsia and the subsequent atonic condition of the

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of aortic obstruction and regurgitation were accompanied by urgent dyspnoea

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been destroyed or lost ; but the events of those few days

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cedures, we are at utter variance, so utterly at variance, indeed,

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Graduate Medical Education in Washington, Alaska, Montana, and

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was localized beneath a very expensive piece of dental bridge work, and which

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chlorine and iodine. Some supposed the products to be chloride of

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Mix. Sig. One teaspoonful three to five times daily.

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shreds of false membrane above into the fluid contents below.

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Medical Orthodoxy. The extract I annex, is from the pen of Edward

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the thighs, but not usually easy, for the reverse reasons, in

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disappear rapidly, possibly existing in a soluble and

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consideration, especially as it claims to constitute the only trenchant line