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sexual desire disappears, there can be no doubt of impotency. The functions
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alterations in the blood, not yet sufficiently studied, but certainly in
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2S. the lower lobe of the right lung being the seat of the disease. He
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original research, and must accordingly be left in the
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but no rational prophylaxis can be advised as long as the cause
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obtains by way of the urine. In a period of eight days they found
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should remain in the city in which he laboured. An excellent
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Medicine," when those who are always ready to put out a light, are for-
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in charge have reported it, I will give you the results of
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Carcinoma from the Upper Rectum and Sigmoid," and also for
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respect the girl was healthy. About three months previous she had got her
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purgans should hold a high rank ; but in my experience it has often proved
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baths as employed at the Louisiana Leper Home are made
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Osmose. — This is exerted between two liquids of different densi-
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the premium rate goes up— dividends are available to
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anatomical relations ot the pelvic organs, calling attention
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Medical properties and uses. — Carbonate of ammonia
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Marvin's view, that the circulatory phenomena are high tension rather
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and in considerable quantities. It is rarely ever so scanty as not easily to
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growth, which bulged outwards beyond the alveolar range, ,was
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Less pain in the bowels than yesterday. Patient slept half an hour at noon ;
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(MrHrH .05ir5'*Tt1rHCO'«*t>QOl>COrHr*(N(MOirtC<ICOQOOi •C000rHT*1CO"«^(NrHt^C^
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bellows murmur or spinning-wheel sound, percei)tlble over an area two inches
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the following motion at the next meeting of the Council — viz.,
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one standard, — observation and experience. Sharing the
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read, it is found necessary to hold the book very close to the
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such localities. The whole facts of the case in Dr. Suther-
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to common sense. One of the most striking characters of the blood ex-