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the neighbouring malar and nasal bones. The alveolar pro-

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an inch down into the internal iliac. The upper part of the external iliac was filled with a

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defect of the heart, which raises the general venous pressure ; for the rate

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healthy, and had no hereditary taint; the disease commenced in an

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ments become slower, and there is difficulty in protruding the tongue to

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of the four, it would appear probable that this effect is not due to the

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never asserted that the presence of eosinophilic cells

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internally administered or externally applied, turpentine, balsam of Peru,

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of increased action. The same causes operate on the other parts of the

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Calmeil, and Parchappe, and this explains the name of general paralysis of

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the best way to reach the top with little exertion is to walk or ride as

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Extensive Ossification of the Spleen, — By Dr. Julius Schmidt. — ^The

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cleansing of both cavities and the establishment of drainage

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Curschmann's spirals can be preserved in glycerin. Their mode of origin is

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Causation. — The hypothesis has been entertained, in conse-

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possession, where the callus on the under surface formed a bony bridge

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with certainty the virulence of the diphtheria bacillus.

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it with no further trouble than the careful perusal of a few hundred pages, the

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The following communication was received from the Onon-

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probably have followed. Tlie latest hour when a cure

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" For beginners in the art of laryngoscopy, this method

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therapy with cimetidme An adjustment in the diltiazem dose

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of the Americas. It was regarded with awe and attributed

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looked for about the fourteenth to the twenty-first day.

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The animals were first narcotized with chloral, after

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assistance than the kindly charity of the generous, which is

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about a month after birth, when diarrhea with mucous and bloody stools set

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and completed under the influence of the determining energy exerted by the

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man, there was no moaning at the bar when he put out to sea. My