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observation that in many specimens of phthisical lungs the morbid process

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determined. If hyperkalemia develops, substitute a thiazide alone, restrict

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has been heretofore imagined. I will take up the sub-

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spent the interval comfortably, gaining flesh and strength,

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early in life had, in the course of years, worn out.

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Antiochus Epiphanes, and also^ of Lysimachus. I have

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College of Surgeons. Dr. AVood made another most unwar-

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period of time. Schloss succeeded in immunizing five cases of tgg-

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the throat. For temporary relief of pain, hot applications were

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an able paper, examined this proposition by the lights of

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versely, commencing half an inch outside the left nipple, and extending across the

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who are humble-minded, but whose actions are all regulated

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and instructive, that several centuries ago phthisis was not

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does most of his colleagues and friends” — all :

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spreading over and destroying the eye, extending into the throat and

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by the raw sea air. For these the foot-hills, where

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is an assurance that they are not inefficient. Cana-

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latter organs had long since been disproved. And he ventured to believe that

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With us, this Chauvinism takes the form of imagining

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I have often feen this dileafe, 1 have never known it communi-

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inflammation produced by the action of the escharotics has sub-

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the Pharmacopoeias of the United States, Great Britain, and Germany, with numer-

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outer part of the thigh. He joins this by a vertical in-

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liver. Cells obtained by bronchial brushing revealed poorly

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usual inefficient management of foot deformities, the authors

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I hope you will well understand, therefore, how it is that

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will feel a beating, and hear two sounds, which have been likened to the

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