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University, but the Austrian Government has declined
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various structures in the medulla to the anterior columns
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The course of a second vaccination is almost always rapid, and the
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When the fever is absent or insignificant, we consider the malaria
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Department should be in hand one month in advance. A liberal number of extra copies of the Journal,
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In response to this request a report was made to the
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either from the valves or inner surfiEice of the heart, or fi^m the large
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fore the age of 40 years, I find porcelain-turners,
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Fig. 96. — Plasmodium canis Castellani and Chalmers.
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increased by the agency of a national health bureau.
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to those cases of fever which are easily recognised clinic-
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than we are yet aware of, and that special forms of disease are often
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into air (Fig. 2), the obliquely incident rays are bent away from the
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Mount Sinai Hospital, where chloroform was administered.
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pori biliarii, or ramification of the biliary hepatic duct, which
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bring a railing accusation against medicine when accident fatally damages
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and surrounded by hot-water bags, in order to keep up
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soon ceased. Ergot 3ii. had been administered, and the uterus
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kilo per day; while under conditions of muscular activity the demand
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most influence. Syphilis, rachitis, osteomalacia, scurvy, acute infec-
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of medicine, and I determined then to propose a scheme
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is performed with gunpowder, it is said that the marks can be
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tached to its disclosures in the diagnosis of morbid growths.
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tion. We have learned more exactly why such congestion is present
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of the pulse, its irregularity, and in some instances death,
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and known as Cowper's Glands. They secrete a thin fluid resem-
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openings are not tubes or canals, they are gaps, rents,
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uranium nitrate in doses of half a grain, albumin appeared in
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recedes in the afternoon the temperature gradually falls, not having
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perimentally deprived of their thymus showed marked
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commences ))efore food is taken into the alimentary canal, so it goes on
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and with but little avail. Seeing the severe and intractable
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al)out the chest and essentially complete paralysis of
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the socket, would present serious but by no means insuperable obstacles*
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two inches and a half, going right into the iliac tumour.
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Forgue. E. Traitc des Maladies de I'Enfance. Granchcr, Comby
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Dr. Weidner : The examination of a case of this kind in a
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agree with the author of the paper in the practice he had
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injection of one-half a cubic centimetre of a two-per-