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the search apparently a hopeless one. The ideal pavement should

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pediment to the flow of the blood finom auride to ventricle. It rarely

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age, susceptible and predisposed; and the majority of these,

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0.01 mg. (corresponding roughly to thai amounl of antigenic sub-

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Union County Health Department — Dr. 8. A. kSteuens 76

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ling Hospital in Europe, it is likely, a very melancholy picture ©f

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of the urinary passages, may proceed from the kidneys,

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requires a shielding and stimulative protection against the col-

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the ends of the bone by operation, or of amputation if the

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not to leave a female undelivered for a longer period than two

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items : thus, the deaths from chronic alcoholism in the year

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this case had come under his observation. The patient's fa-

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not relinquish its position as the equal of any other special

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tion of its elements, and in particular of the granular layers. Muller*s fibres

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—William B. Irving, 5I.R.C.S. Edin , L.S.A., to the

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point which favoured abdominal section was the observation

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uniformity of strength may be set at naught by prescribing in a

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clinical pathology, clinical medicine, psychology, ecology,

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— like oysters, for instance — are useful in dyspepsia,

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of the pylorus, although the pathologist who examined a gland

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moist. At 6 A. M., pulse 138; respiration 36; skin very dry and harsh;

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The patient is seized with sudden pain in the abdomen. At first

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third joint, which carries an arista with black hairs on its upper

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estimate is more likely to be correct. The customs estimate includes

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discussion of all the details of how it should be mentioned,

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passed rapidly into a state of profound collapse, to which

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to cause him to underestimate the importance of the latter facts.

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Dr. Ely said he thought that this case was of exceed-

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time of accident, but did not vomit. Pulse very rapid and

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and the Dnblln professor is the first who has studied with exactness their ettological conditions, as he is the first who

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persisted. He left the hospital about two months after the

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chlorosis, no purpura, no renal, splenic, miasmatic, glandular, strumous,

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ing near water — in ditches, creeks, swamps, etc. It has white

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Dr. Beck, of Albany — the well known author of the best book we

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is characterised by ulceration and destruction of the bony parts. A