Treasure The Dress – Lucy Shergold Reminisces

December 28, 2010  

I have found a wonderful friend in photographer Lucy Shergold (even if it is via email!) and was so touched to receive these gorgeous images on her 7th wedding anniversary. Lucy dug out her wedding dress out for a nostalgic peek…and fell in love with it all over again.

With the world awash with gifts and sentiment at this special time of year, it seems quite apt to show off the photographes of a much loved frock – and it has the most beautiful story behind it…

“I got my dress out and had forgotten how much I love it.  It came to me that I have never photographed my dress myself so couldn’t resist!

My best friend made my dress, when I started looking, the whole lovely Vintage Wedding style wasn’t really around and after a couple of unsuccessful trips to Bridal shops, my lovely friend Laura - who had just finished her fashion degree – said it would be an honour to make one for me and I was over the moon.

We went on a fab girly trip to London where she suggested I forgot about style and chose the fabrics that I loved the most. So it was an antique dull pink silk and beaded lace flowers with a cream soft fabric. She then made designs, of which I have framed, and she made me my perfect dress, well skirt and top!

I guess I was lucky to have such a talented and special girl friend and she did have some sleepless nights, but I still love it as much today which is priceless to me…

What a way to spend a day…”

Seems like such an appropriate way for a photographer to ‘treasure the dress’…take some stunning pics of it! Thanks so much Lucy x


5 Responses to “Treasure The Dress – Lucy Shergold Reminisces”
  1. Margaret Ivory says:

    What a wonderful friend to sew your bridal dress!

  2. Rob Weston says:

    The dress looked even more beautiful when you were wearing it. You should put a picture of you in it from your wedding to show everyone. x

  3. admin says:

    I agree with Rob! We’d like to see a picture please Lucy…xx

  4. Sara Spring says:

    Well Lu, It’s a comment from your mum!! I agree with the request to have a picture of you wearing your Beautiful wedding dress. I remember the love, time and effort that Laura put into making it and the fun we had on try on days. A picture of both of you would be great. Happy memories of a lovely day. XXXXX

  5. admin says:

    Thanks Mrs Spring! There you are Lucy, Mum has spoken! Will be twisting your arm when I next see you…xx

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