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Femur. — The line of the growth, cartilage of the femoral

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and distressing. There is generally a tendency to constipation. Occasionally

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Surgical and Grce^ologTcal Asociaiion, a:: asscciaxiGC

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tion of the body which brings a strain on the recently united

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was deputed to attend the International Medical Congress, in Berlin,

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the annual address. Dr. E. P. Scales, Newton, moved that the

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have to consider it again in dealing with complications.

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any one joint for a long period there is a secondary atrophy of the correspond-

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M.D. His graduation thesis on "Spinal Irritation" was

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rule given in the Introduction, that only those symptoms should

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by Dr. William Pepper — and including in their contents papers

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T^ANIEL JOSEPH PHELAN.— In the medical fraternity of New

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attended public school No. 13, and the Anthon Grammar School,

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study, he proved himself an earnest, painstaking student, quick of

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his unbridled lust, though he may have been innocent of desire

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fatigably his special study of otology, and in course of time found it