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caused by the arrest of late and already large tri-
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ness, &c., and the sudden accessions and recessions, or the paroxysmal form,
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out the same idea, partially at least, with simpler apparatus.
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liealthy, formed motions ; had absolute freedom from pain and
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The abdomen, within two or three days, was as full as ever, so
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them. By means of the water screen and rock crystal lenses, all rays
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be progressive or recurrent. Considerable improvement
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permetropia of 1.25 d, and vision was reduced to one-half. At this period, the
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rally varies according to the nature of the stricture. Some
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ears be allowed to remain for years untouched. It is a well-founded
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0.7 and 0.8 (Thayer). In the severe cases also the loss of hemoglobin
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ly regarded as genuine cases of syphilis. To rest upon the^
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such as Kaposi’s sarcoma or intrathoracic or intra-
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nosis of the pylorus in which he had performed pylo-
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particular an examination of the book shows that it is not
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bols. Because it was discovered in Germany, as a national duty
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so instantly returned that I desisted, and endeavoured, though
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upon small portions of the skin. Curious cases are also met with in
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of the functions of the Allen Whipple Society in providing a forum for
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history of the local epidemic in the prison at Rheims, published by
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This variety of hernia, fays INIr C. has now very often fallen
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certain points which, from their novelty or the emphatic testimony of the
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these cases would very naturally and almost of necessity be mis-
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October, 1912, when she had another serious illness from which
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