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secure the formation of a crust over the surface of the wound, under which

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" A series of 22 successful disarticulations, 20 of which followed gunshot in-

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the organ. Still, the neuralgic pains felt in the spinal nerves may be

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many powers that will act readily on it, after that principle has been

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mucous membrane resulting in destruction and gangrene of the velum,

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jirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, for they live in that

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Both sexes attended at the Devil's Sabbaths, as they were

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Rath Heusinger relates the particulars of a remarkable case

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The third lecture is on the anatomy of the parts seen by the

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head. A median dorsal incision, made in the lower cervical region,

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the rectum or on ejaculation. Intermittent renal colic occurs, and

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