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ular concentration from m/4,096 to 1 m. To every solution so

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of systematic curetting of the trachea for obstruction

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ciously practised, would have produced the most beneficial

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are to be shunned from any vague dread of metastisis. Should

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I would call the above a case of essential typhoid pneumo-

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point unless influenced by derangements of the fcetal cir-

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albumin may be absent after periods of prolonged rest, as, for instance,

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feel chilly while in the bath, and, as soon as his skin shows a

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tion. But when the necessity for artificial feeding presents itself,

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cyst as large as a child's head.* Roeraer collected a number

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source, it can readily be seen that raw gut must neces-

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infection is out of proportion to the local disturbance, the latter consisting of an

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when there is a septic discharge it has also a healing

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is left between the pillars after the excision of the

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who pronounced her trouble chronic peritonitis. He had adjusted to

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cicant, and, in the higher order of animals, is capable of inducing

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hibited by Shakespeare in his dramatic works, he must have

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• Gildemeister and Baerthlefn: Deutsche med. Wochenachr.,

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A very interesting case of ureteritis was observed by

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ety and use of health-lift Coincidently headache, much

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157. Corpuscles from firm tubercular exudation into the lung . . . 179

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The last Legislature was no exception to the average run

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of rupture are seen, now and then, where the indications are best ful-

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Db. a. H. Fbbtbero reported on a male, aged 22, of good

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diphtheria. The anatomical changes, save the pseudo-

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also much hemorrhage, and there are necrotic patches.

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etc. ; aft. 3 h. ioVo* & Hg., Ext. from letter.

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