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To the toast, " The Indiana Institute of Homoeopathy," Dr.

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system was something remarkable, but the absence of haimor-

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It is not within the scope of this paper to discuss the

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viously, contained them in great quantity. Again, the

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hospital March 2, 1915, for the removal of a uterine fibroid. She had had

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Care for your pa tients at little or no cost in excess of

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spots of anaesthesia. There is more danger that caries of the spine in

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Labiatce, and are named M. piperita (Peppermint), M.

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2. Diffuse Myxoma of the Ovum Membranei. Bj Dr. Ebsbth.

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3. That a copy of these resolutions, signed by the President

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AUSTIN FLINT, M. D., Prof of Prin. and Pract. of 3Ied. in Bellcvue Hospital Med.

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Professor of Neurology, Chicago Policlinic ; Instractor in Clinical Neurology,

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D. Treatment of Inflammation of the Heart and Pericardium.

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connnendation. His chief work, however, is that which

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the thigh ; the application of the thumb has not been needed since last night.

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confined in a bell-chamber of about 37 litres capacity. The velocity of the air-

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In distinguishing other abscesses in this region, extensive appendicular,

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sS .h + + + + + +i+ + + 7 + -f-f4)+|'"+i + | |+ + -r+i+ + + j_ +

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fice to guard against this possible mode of dissemination.

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of sewing, also. But I see no reason why girls should not

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nineteen months, was admitted to Colon Hospital July 25, 1909. The patient had

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Serious results are liable to follow a sunstroke, even when death

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It is interesting to note that in tne Philadelphia epidemic, where the

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choreic movements began in the left arm, and rapidly spread

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Little evidence has been noted of special study of diseases of the blood in Olm-

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should remain in the house and keep either hot or cold packs

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posit upon it, looking something like a false membrane. In the mem-

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I will look with respect and esteem upon all those who have taught me my art. To my

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mon expression, eye-strain, used in referring to these cases.

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(pedicle) , and this may cause pressure and check the return circula-

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cil was opened June 1 4th, in the hall of the College

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Intestinal putrefaction during copious and moderate water-drinking with

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External to theframework the bar forms the axisof a strong cog-

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he found the ratio of alkalinity to acidity to be .. ^-- = 2.1, and in the

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