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except for the spasms complained of. He has had an easily
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Hasebrock i reports 4 cases of this condition ; he is not able to
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characterized by certain pathological variations from the pandemic,
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Give a teaspoonful every two or three hours, for a child of 1 or 2
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"March 20, admitted F. H. W., age thirty-seven, suffering with
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college ot normal school is located outside of the state.
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atrophic stages ; amyloid degeneration, beginning in the
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cases of rabies being cured when the patient underwent treatment at
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and the operation completed. In the absence of Allingham's
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kinds of rubbish and dirt. In these places there were fourteen,
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this condition no fluid escaped from the open end of the capillary. The
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these samples. A similar epidemic of oWrmga occurred among
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slightly loosen'd the brick-work, but the chief result
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From acute enteritis it is distinguished, generally, by a greater degree of
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and pursued it with so much vigour, that in August, 1797,
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answer so well as the blunt hook. It is now scarcely ever used,
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protected with cotton wool, projects above the shoulder of
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spirit governing the Faculty ; but we cannot but think,
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The alvine evacuations are stopped for about ten days by daily use of opium
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cast his eye over the morbific effects of nitre as above detailed,