Tanatril Thuoc Ha Ap

in the lungs, soon followed by exudation and emigration into the alveoli and
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delirious, temperature 105J- degrees, pulse 132 ; excision of the infected area
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Milk to which lysol or trikresol has been added cannot be regarded as
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strength became much diminished ; but his mother insisted on taking him home to
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secretions, and direct infection from non-sterilized inhalers. It is prob-
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is set up in from three to twelve hours. In some cases the inflamma-
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! thetically at proper intervals, that the real conditions
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has been related to me in which aphonia had existed for several years,
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esiKJcially of the i>octoral(>s and deltoids. Muscles flaccid, not hard or con-
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The literature during the past few years has contained much on blood
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common. The mountain- tops are above fog and moist-
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specific remedies. The propriety of recoj^nizing remittent a;^ distinct from
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tient had violent vesical tenesmus for three days, controlled only
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It is appropriate that in this the closing year of the century this Society
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but has also shown itself in isolated dwellings. In the city of Philadel-