Our Wedding – 5 Days to Go!

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I know there’s been a bit of an absence of bother personal posts and inspiration of late; my apologies dear readers as things have been very manic. You see I’m actually getting spliced this Saturday and have been pulling in all the hours not only at my day job, but on the styling jobs I’ve also been doing….not to mention actual wedding plans! My candle has been well and truly burnt at both ends and I am so looking forward to 5.30pm Tuesday when I can finally fully embrace the gravitas of what this week has to offer…

For those of you reading who are in the midst of wedding plans and for those who might have already been through this experience, I thought I’d highlight a few of the things on my ‘to do’ list as well as note down some of the fluttering feelings that are passing through my head {and tummy} as the day ebbs ever closer…

♥ I am giving up the name that I’ve lived with for 29 years and whilst I’m happy to it also feels huge. A lot of my friends call me by my surname, even more so lately and whenever I hear it I have a little pang of upset that I’ll be letting it go….yet I also feel really ready to be Mrs C, and very proud as well. It’s a strange feeling – has anyone else had a similar experience?

♥ I keep getting break-outs of spots on my chin and now look like I’m in the midst of puberty…why? why? why?

♥ There’s no way I’ll be able to include every design detail I’d originally planned for our wedding – but I have prioritised those that we feel an affinity towards and I guess that’s what truly matters.

♥ Over the last few days, looking at my hubby-to-be, whether he’s sat at his desk or doing the dishes, fills my heart with a feeling of overwhelming happiness with the knowledge that we’ll be making life-long vows to each other in front of all those dear to us. It’s an incredible, indescribable feeling.

♥ The table plan needs to be…er planned.

♥ We booked a September wedding because we love autumn and were sure we’d have an ‘Indian summer’; we therefore planned nearly every element of the day to be outside….not sure things will go to plan and I’ve had to let go of those kind of expectations and adopt a ‘keep calm and carry on’ attitude. Once I acknowledged that I cannot control the elements - I started to sleep a lot easier…

♥ This is sure to be the most exciting time of our lives so far and we can’t wait to share it with our family and friends!

With Love, Boho Bride xx

P.S. Drop by on Wednesday when I’ll finally be publishing our own wedding inspiration board! xx

Boho Bride Loves….

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Aside from all the wonderful wedding-ness, there are plenty of other loves in my life – and they are the things that keep me sane when times are crazily hectic. And so, I haven’t posted my ‘Sunday Best’ for a couple of weeks, though it might be nice to share some Monday loves with you …

♥ Music. Perhaps my biggest love {aside from people and furry beings} I realised this week that I hadn’t played any for a wee while. Amazing how much better, happier, calmer I feel when I hear some music and have a bit of a sing in the shower or whilst making dinner. I’ve eclectic taste, but really love the sound of an acoustic guitar. Jack Johnson’s In Between Dreams is still a firm favourite in our house.

♥ Loungewear. I change into mine as soon as it hits 6pm. I no longer buy my own, but encourage my fiance to buy plenty for himself, then nick his…much more comfortable! M&S loungwear is the best.

♥ Reading. Nothing beats a good bit of escapism before bed – really clears a busy mind. I’ve just joined a book club {aka wine club} and this months book was so good I’m actually upset that I’ve finished it already. David Nichols, One Day. Film is out in Aug, but I reacon nothing beats turning the crisp white pages of a good book.

♥ Cooking. We rarely eat on-the-go. Not because I’m some kind of Superwoman, but I actuallylike to give myself an hour to prepare a meal. It’s so theraputic and really clears my mind. Lorraine Pascale is my latest girl-crush, her toad-in-the-hole recipe is perfect for a rainy day.

♥ Cats. And dogs. But we have cats and their unconditional love and the kooky things they do always fills my heart with happiness.

♥ Guerlain Idylle Duet. I came across the limited edition scent whilst at the airport last week. First scent in years to turn my head from my signiture Coco Mademoiselle. Very light and feminine, there’s a great review on The Scent Critic. Think I’ll be waering it on my wedding day.

♥ Films. I’m a total geek when it comes to films; recent favouite’s include The Kings Speech, Source Code and Cedar Falls.

And there you have it. So what loves do you have that keep you sane? Any Brides out there discovered a new favourite recipe or are escaping into a good book, in order to take your mind of wedding plans?

With Love, Boho Bride xx

The One Where I Enjoy Guilt-Free Time-Out from “Weddingness”

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{Image Anne Taintor}

Apologies from my lack of posting yesterday, but I have been on a jaunt. I’ve spent the last three days, completely devoid of doing anything wedding related! Early Tues morning I travelled to Milan to spend some time with my dearest friend Kimmy as it was her 30th Birthday…and we just so happened to have tickets to see a certain super-group…Take That!!! One word – amazing.

And as I whiled away my Wednesday enjoying spa treatments in the heart of fashion capital {seriously, felt just like an episode of SATC!} it dawned on me that I’d spent a whole 24 hours not thinking/planning/freaking out over our wedding plans….it was at that point that I decided to take things a step further and turned off the roaming on my iphone. I wanted to step away from “weddingness” for another 24 hours. No talking, thinking or emailing anything wedding related – and that had to include the blog.

I have to admit I felt a mix of empowerement and relief…please don’t get me wrong, I love writing Boho Bride, it’s like writing a diary of creative loveliness to the most supportive of friends and confidances, and nothing gives me more joy than when I get feedback from my posts and musings. Knowing that I might have helped a fellow Bride in turn helps me – I feel such a sense of comraderie…

But, I think every planning Bride should make sure they take some time-out of weddingness – a step back. However relaxed a person you are, however organised you are, the weddings bound to be having some kind of impact on your day-to-day routine; anticipation or perhaps just excitement may be putting your body through-the-mill. You all know how badly I’ve been sleeping of late, well for the last two nights, I’ve slept like a baby and don’t remember having any dreams…which is such a contrast to a ‘normal’ nights sleep of late…and I feel goooood.

This ‘time-out’ has also made me appriciate how precious this last stretch of planning is. I don’t want to be the Bride rolling her eyes with a pained expression every time someone asks me how plans are going! When I turned on my laptop this morning I had emails from our ring designer, florist and some of our guests…and you know what, I felt revitilised and excited to respond – like I was planning it all with a pair of fresh eyes!

I have therefore decided that I’ll spend one full day each week (and that’s only a mere eight full days) till the wedding not talking, thinking or planning it. Instead I’ll spend that ‘free’ time doing something out of routine. After all, it’s really is quite a major adjustment we’re making to our lives – it’s a new chapter that I believe should be aknowledged with gravitas and I want to relish every single moment of the build-up.

Happy weekend! With Love, Boho Bride xx

Our Wedding – Four Months Today!

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Last night it dawned on me that in four months time we’ll be saying our vows, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to blog about how I’m feeling about the impending celebrations…

I have found it much harder work than I could have ever imagined. I don’t know if that’s a normal or abnormal feeling, but I can spend hours excitedly creating inspiration boards, styling photo shoots and giving advice to other planning Brides, but for myself? Nada. This is how bad it’s got…

♥ I’ve yet to create a mood board for our wedding – though I have a file on my laptop that’s brimming with saved images that I love.  My fear is that I adore so many things, the wedding will look like it’s having an identity crisis – or that I’ve vomited an eclectic mix of rustic, whimsical, bohemia with elements of folk all over the place. The general ‘theme’ {not a fan of that word} is ‘stuff we love’.

♥ I’ve only just started booking things for the wedding and still haven’t made a single piece of decor – though I do have a box of bits I’ve already stashed, which I’ll dig into…and I’ll borrow stuff from my folks too {thanks Mum} to save pennies! Again, worried ‘old curiosity shop’  and ‘musty’ might be used to describe my styling.

♥ Although I’ve sent masses of ‘inspirational’ images to my B’maids only two of five have dresses.

♥ My Groom hasn’t even considered his attire yet.

♥ My Dad is so begrudged to spend money – he wants to wear a suit he’s owned for years, circa 1970…it doesn’t look vintage…it looks tragic.

♥ Every time we sit down to read through ceremony/vow choices, we get distracted and end up creating our own alternative ‘I love you more than….’ stupid versions. It’s not big and it’s not clever – it just wastes time.

♥ I’m running regularly to fit my bottom and thighs into my form-fitting dress….then promptly rewarding myself with a carb mountain. My weight isn’t increasing…but it isn’t decreasing either.

♥ I’m having a recurring dream; I wake up, it’s the day of our wedding and I’ve not organised anything, so have to blag it all.

♥ I’ve developed a twitch in my left eye.

Brides-to-be…how are your plans going?

With Love, Boho Bride xx

It’s Finally Coming Together…

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On Tuesday, Adam and I celebrate our 9 year anniversary and although in the early days, we both hoped we’d stay together…for the last four or five, we’ve known we will…and we’ve been talking marriage ever since. So when Ads finally proposed to me on the afternoon of new years eve, I naively thought that the wedding plans and all they entail would be a breeze…

How wrong was I?! Initially, we were happily embroiled in the celebrations, lapping up attention from ecstatic family and friends, whilst dreaming of our perfect day.

Found the perfect venue. Found another perfect venue at a snip of the price and booked it…all going well so far…we even approached caterers for quotes….

And then Dad was diagnosed with cancer. You know those adverts where patients describe what it’s like to be told? Same sensation when it’s your loved one. Utter disbelief. I know it should be a case of ‘the show must go on’, but I didn’t want it to. I couldn’t see past the next day, next doctors apt or operation…and so for 4 months, I tried to ignore making any plans.

A few weeks ago we received the incredible news that he was in remission. For me, it was like someone had pressed the ‘play’ button after being on ‘pause’…my heart felt ready to burst. It also made me re-asses. I would have moved mountains to have Dad witness our vows and his awesome sense of humour and stoic attitude taught me not to sweat the small stuff…

In short, our wedding has now evolved. The guest list is smaller, as we want to really spoil those who we dearly love; we’re focusing more on the ceremony than any other aspect of the day and I have made my own vows – to myself. If it rains (we are having an outdoor ceremony) let it rain! If I spill red wine down my dress (a habit of mine) then sod it…even if wild horses stampede the venue and crush my shabby chic dreams…c’est la vie. Life is too short.

This morning, we booked the caterers. x

Getting Started – The Guest List

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Whether it’s a big and bold celebration or an intimate and small affair, your wedding guest list and numbers are going to be one of the first things you look at…and there’s two ways of doing it that I’d recommend…

Set your ideal number and choose venue accordingly, or find your ideal venue and let that dictate your numbers!

Either way, the guest list is a collaborative task and there needs to be good communication amongst you and your other half.

Firstly, I’d say if your folks are contributing to costs, they might have set their heart on inviting certain people, so it’s always worth asking (and perhaps negotiating!) ahead of creating you own lists…

Now I could go into the formal ‘nitty gritty’ of how traditionally, the Brides family would pay and therefore invite more guests blah blah, but I just don’t agree with all that hullaballoo…

For our guest list, we initially created three lists and it worked really well.

The “Defo List” included our parents, siblings and ourselves of course…I say ‘of course’ but we actually missed ourselves off the list initially!!!

“His list”, the Grooms list included everyone he’d like to invite if budget and numbers weren’t a factor.

“Her List”, same as the Groom list above.

We then sat down together and set about creating the “Ultimate List” based on the kind of wedding we hope to achieve…small and informal.

It wasn’t too painful, though we both had to compromise…in fact, we were ruthless in some cases! There is a teeny tiny reserve list too, which I’d recommend doing…just make sure the ‘reserves’ don’t out who they are!

Just remember, it’s ultimately your day, your way…team ‘Mr and Mrs’!

Get The Look – Autumn Mood Board

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After publishing my first mood board yesterday, it struck me that whilst it’s all very well creating inspiration for Brides-to-be, it needs to be rooted in reality…

So, I’ve made it my mission to follow them up with a ‘get the look’ feature, offering ideas that can be bagged from UK  online and stores and suppliers in hope of giving you a helping hand!

Get the look from:

Autumn Arrangement M&S, Birch Logs Not On The High St, Peep Toes Dune, Autumn Cake from Heathers Cakes, Guerlain Idylle John Lewis, Wedding Dress no:8465 Justin Alexander, French Rustic Candle Not On The High St.