My Wedding Dress Debate

October 27, 2010 by  
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From the moment I got engaged…I worried about ‘the dress’. I never imagined my wedding as a young girl…even when sporting a pillowcase on my head,  I was always channeling ’The Sound Of Music’ not ‘beautiful bride’!

And once I’d met my beloved and even started dreaming of our day…my visions of my dress were vague and fuzzy. It was, has and always will be the flowers, table dressings and all the other design details that I gravitate towards - because that’s what comes naturally.

I love fashion and I adore dressing up, but the thought of having to find a frock that presents me, at my most beautiful, on the most important day of my life so far - terrified me! How could I ever find a dress that lived up to mine and others (my Mum’s!) expectations, that would make my hips look small and my boobs look perky…a dress that would make Adam weep as I glided down the aisle like a graceful swan…

Until last week, I’d only set foot in one bridal store. It was a stunning boutique full of gorgeous gowns…but I felt…indifferent, like a child playing dress-ups, I was somewhat overwhelmed. Then, last week – I happened upon another wedding dress shop and found (by sheer coincidence) that a designer dress I’d spotted (and liked!) in a magazine, was in their sample sale…

I excitedly asked to try it on.  It fitted, (though snug and highlighted my hips more than I’d like) and as I stood there, looking at the “woman’s” reflection in the mirror, I realised that everything I thought I needed from my wedding dress was wrong. There was to be no tears, no great gasps…not even a tummy jump.  All I needed, was to feel comfortable, relaxed and the loveliest version of myself. All I needed, was to find the dress that felt ‘me’.