Brighton Pier Seaside Engagement

March 28, 2012 by  
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I love swooning over engagement shoots as they give you a glimpse of the beautiful wedding and marriage to follow – and I particularly enjoy casting my eye over the one’s where the location or theme means something special to the couple as you get a real sense of their relationship…which is an honour to witness really.

Here’s what photographer Ria Mishaal had to say about today’s offering “Brighton is very dear to Jess and Andy. It is full of memories. They have spent much time there together playing the 2p slot machines on the pier and drinking milkshakes in the american diner on the front. Jess’s stunning engagement ring originated from Brighton, and was presented to her on a beach far away…

There is something about the closeness of these two. Something inevitably consuming about how respectfully they regard each other, how much they enjoy the other’s company, their wicked sense of humour and undoubted love. It was a pure joy to spend a day in their company.”

Brighton Engagement Shoot in Stop Motion from Ria Mishaal on Vimeo.

 Have a gander of the stop motion animation above – so charming and the most wonderful keepsake too! You can view more photo’s and back-story of Jess and Andy’s day on Ria’s blog.

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx