Great Expectations – Mother of the Boho Bride

November 18, 2010 by  
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I love my Mum and although we are very different people, we are very close – but planning our wedding has really put my relationship with Mum to the test! My Mum is a stoic traditionalist, loves to use the term ‘don’t teach your Grandmother to suck eggs!’, would prefer to think that no-one indulges in hanky-panky before marriage and is absolute in the opinion that a wedding should be conducted before God and in Church…

So when aged 19, I told her I was going out with a 23 year old she raised an eyebrow, when we moved in together seven years ago, she had a word…and when I informed her that we were finally getting married (she had been willing it for years) and were doing so in an outdoor civil ceremony, the s**t hit the fan!

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