The Boho Groom Blog Takeover – Boho Bride’s Surprise Hen Do!

July 29, 2011 by  
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To the Boho Bride loyal readers, something a bit different today…

Hi, I’m Adam and in around six weeks (oh god, I still haven’t sorted out my wedding suit yet!) will be getting married to Sarah who writes this blog. I guess you all know her as Boho Bride…which I find quite weird but also cute and I’m very proud of what she’s achieved!

Now you may be wondering where Sarah is and why she isn’t writing this post, well she has been completely unaware that I have been plotting with her mates for months a surprise hen do, she thought her hen-do was going to be in September, so imagine her surprise yesterday afternoon when her 2 friends showed up outside our house and knocked the door recreating  the classic ‘card scene’ in Love Actually between Andrew Lincoln and Keira Knightley, only this time it was Kim and Nat explaining what was going on!

On hearing she was to pack and leave home for a couple days, her only panic was that nothing was going to be on the blog  - so I decided to step up and takeover.

Right now she’s on a plane headed towards Dublin.

It’s taken me a good hour of staring at the screen to think about what I should write and have decided that the subject should be about women on their hen do’s, cos there’s always plenty of coverage on stags.

So here my big confession. You women might worry about us blokes on our stags, but we worry just as much about you. Fact. And I don’t mean in an insecure sense - I mean genuine worry for her well being. Here is why:

Sarah is a lightweight. When we first met, she was pretty good at keeping up with the lads, she used to drink snake bite. Imagine, this little blond thing, with tiny hands holding a pint of snake bite. Impressive. She now really only drinks in a social environment, maybe every couple of weeks, so if we’re having a blow-out night it now gets very messy as she’s not used to it. She also vomits a lot, (ok to use that word = too harsh?) our friends cream carpet is testament to that and her preference for red wine.

She has no sense of direction, sober or otherwise.

She gets hyper when she dances, especially when she hears a song she likes. There has been many a ‘dance off’ in Cardiff’s Tiger Tiger and my Mrs can make a whole nightclub some to a stand-still with her comical moves. Normally not a bad thing, but at a friends recent hen do, she spent the whole night dancing with some big bear of a bloke who moved like Billy Elliot and she failed to notice that the ankle she’s messed up (a torn ligament) which she should be resting had tripled in size. She came home in agony with a clubbed foot. Actually clubbed like you see old ladies have, spilling out of her shoe.

She worries about whether other people are having fun, sometimes to the detriment of her own enjoyment.

So if you do get a chance to read this honey, relax and enjoy. Your with your favourite people for a whole weekend celebrating a wedding that’s been a decade in the making (sorry about that)…just please don’t come home with another tooth missing!

…I’ll save that story for another day.


PS. as long as nothing awful happens the boho bride blog should be back to normal on Monday, if maybe a little worse for wear!