Eye Candy London – Colour Flip Nail Polish Review

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With more brides opting to make a style statement with their nails, I jumped at the chance to sample and review the new nail polish range from Eye Candy London. First to the market with a new metallic colour flip particle technology, the Eye Candy Colour Flip Nail Lacquers offer a duel hue finish in metallic colourways that are both on-trend and enduringly popular; Green With Envy, Regally Yours, Liquid Gold and Sexy And You Know It.

The hue I was sent {Liquid Gold} would have been my first choice were I myself buying, as I wear yellow gold jewellery and have very pale skin. When applying it, the first thing I noticed was the thickness of the polish – I always equate this with good quality as it not only requires less layers of polish but is very easy to apply. Colour-wise I was actually pleasantly surprised – when seeing the polish in its attractive packaging I wondered if it would look too garish and bright, but the “colour flip” actually creates quite an iridescent effect which blended well with my skin tone adding warmth and altering in the light.

I applied the polish the night before my Goddaughters christening, a good move as my dress was nude and navy; the two-tone effect worked perfectly, with the gold hues picking up on the nude tones, whilst I noticed in certain lights, there was also a greeny-blue shade showing.

Those who are regular readers know I have a 3 month old son – so my hands are well used at the moment! I wondered whether the pretty and perfect looking polish would survive more than 24 hrs of constant hand washing, nappy changes, general chores and the battles I have with my boys’ pram and car seat…oh and lets not forget the sheer volume of typing I do each day! Well, 5 days later and the only small chip I have is on the index finger of my left hand; I’m a “lefty” so that makes sense and I am really impressed with how stoically it’s stood up to the last few days of battering I’ve given my hands.

Aesthetically, I really like this polish – so much so that I’ve caught myself swooning over my nails on numerous occasions – in the same way I did when I first wore my engagement ring! My hubby also commented on how pretty my hands look and made a point of mentioning that he was pleased I was once again wearing my wedding band {my hands got really swollen in the latter part of my pregnancy} even though I’ve been wearing it for nearly a month now…so I guess it’s the first time my hands have caught his attention in a while – the effect of the polish perhaps?!

All in all, I’d say that the Eye Candy London Colour Flip Nail Polish is a ruddy good buy; priced at a very reasonable £8 its quality rivals the metallic sheen designer brand polish I wore for my wedding day which cost double the price. So if you’re a planning bride thinking of indulging in some statement nails for your big day, the Eye Candy range, now available in Sainsbury’s is definitely worth a look.

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx