Lantern Love – Chinese Sky Lanterns

February 8, 2011 by  
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One of the few suggestions my man has made towards our wedding is his desire for sky lanterns. An lighting obsessive (ambiance is a big deal for him), it’s his one big ‘quirk’ and I’d really like to honour his request to use them…especially as he sweetly suggested that we each write a wish to send into the nights sky – how cute is that?!

A seriously stylish statement, I am however, concerned about any negative impact these Chinese sky lanterns might have on local wildlife. I’d hate to think that we’d used anything on our wedding day that would somehow cause upset – or worse still – amongst our local livestock. So I’ve been searching for companies who supply eco-friendly and fully bio-degrabable sky lanterns, all of which I’ve listed below. For me, the subject is still up for debate – I’d like to do more re-search before we commit to this idea…

What do you think?

Where to buy eco sky lanterns…

Sky Lanterns Online – Nigel’s Eco Store – Eco Sky Lanterns

Credits: top image from Disney’s Tangled. Inspiration top-bottom…via 100 Paper Cuts, The Daily Dusk, Wedding Dates